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Nick Smith Associates can now provide CPD accredited training courses. We offer training courses in all forms of lighting design and theory, but specifically covering exterior lighting design. We also tailor training courses to the client’s specific needs. For more information please contact Nick Smith.  

Training On-Line

For the last 18 years Nick Smith has run classroom format training courses in the use of Lighting Reality in the UK. These courses will continue to be available but times are changing and people want to digest information in different ways and hence new formats are necessary. 

From March 2020, Nick Smith Associates will be offering two new courses, which will enable students to take the course completely online. There are a number of reasons for doing this

Firstly, the cost of an online course means my travelling time is removed, as well as the students time to attend the course and travel to the venue. Secondly, I can also reach out to a wider audience, this also means that people can take the course at their own pace at a time that suits them.

The courses are accessed through a web browser using any internet-connected device, a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or PC. Potentially students could watch tutorials at home, on the way to work on public transport and digest the material at their own pace.

There are two courses, one covering the roadway module which has 31 lessons and another covering the outdoor module which has 34 lessons. The classes vary from a few minutes to twenty-five minutes. The courses can be taken independent of each other and are priced at £222 for the roadway course and £348 for the outdoor course. There is also a bundle price, so both courses can be purchased for the user at £498, which gives a discount of about 13% on the joint purchase.

The link below gives you access to the site and payment can be made by credit card. You will need to create an account for Thinkific which will potentially give you access to other courses that they offer as well.

There is also a free masking course so you can get an idea of what to expect and the material you will have access to.

If you have questions please drop me an email to Or view the video

Lighting Reality Training

Nick Smith Associates is very proud to be involved with Lighting Reality. We have been running these courses since 2004. Training course in Lighting Reality has been suspended due to government restriction. We are now running two courses. The first of these is the Best Practice course and the second is an advanced course. For exact details, see. For exact details, see 

For more information on the Lighting Reality courses, please contact. Nick Smith

Next Course Dates

AutoCAD for Lighting Engineers

Nick Smith Associates will be offering the sixth season of course "AutoCAD for Lighting Engineers" in 2018. We are also planning an "Advanced Lighting Design Techniques and AutoCAD" based course. For more details of the course, drop us an email to

You Tube Screen Casts

Nick Smith has started a YouTube Channel with Screencast Video help on the use of Lighting Reality. If you have a request for a topic to be covered please send us an email to or send up a message through YouTube.

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